Split View Calculator for iPad App Reviews

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My favorite calculator app!


Excellent work! Thanks!

5 star

Nice app!

Ads still there after paying to remove them.

Like the calculator but have just spent $$ to remove ads that still show up ... scam? Update: the developer has responded to my review suggesting that my use of generic “$$” (meaning that I had to spend money for the removal of ads) might be referencing the wrong app because his app's ad removal costs precisely $2.99. And I did spend precisely $2.99 ... the ads did not go away despite several emails with the developer on various unsuccessful instructions on how to re-download, apply previous purchase, etc. Fortunately, my complaint to the App Store resulted in a refund, and I have moved on to another calculator. I would be delighted to use this app if the ad removal process worked.

Very good calculator

Normally I don't write many reviews but this app. is so good I can't help but give it my blessing. Thank you for a great app.


Doesn't work,blank screen on my IPad3 with iOS 7.0.2


The calculator does not work with iOS 7, at least not in my iPad. Been a great calculator up until the upgrade.

doesn't work

After downloading ios7, this calculator doesn't work. you can try to push the buttons, but nothing happens. please fix this!

Ads working, Not Calculator

Have had this app for quite some time...today ads pop up but rest of display is black. Closed and opened (new ad at top), even checked for updates. Was fine previously.

Great app

Love this app, perfect, simple, clean interface. =)

Best standard calculator

This is the best standard calculator I have found yet. I've downloaded about 10 calculators but none had a standard handheld layout like this one does. If you're looking for a good scientific calculator, this would not be your best choice, but for everyday calculating this is the best. Easy to read buttons, % key, memory keys,everything you need to do quick and easy calculations. Very responsive, perfect.

Still looking

I was looking for a calculator that had a percent key, which this one does. I downloaded this today and played with it for a half hour. It consistently freezes up in landscape mod. Seems to work OK in portrait. I will keep looking.

Great app. A must recommend app for your ipad

Just what I have been looking for, finally found a app that does what I want it to do.and how I want it to.I would recommend this calculator to my friends, also I like the colors of this calculator layout.

The Best Calculator Ever


Works well

No memory retention after closing, not useful


Just what I was looking for, does everything I need. Great app!

Very good!!!

I like it!!!!

Banner ads

Dont get it If you dont like banner ads


Very nice. Beautiful job.


Works great thanks

it's a great free app

I didn't have any issues with ads, they're at the top of the screen and I hardly notice them. It's a great calculator for simple functions and NO NAG SCREENS prompting you to buy a paid version. All I wanted was a basic calculator and this is it. Five stars, for sure.

Too many ads

Ok, if you like ads popping up on your screen. I don't!

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